• Bcod time and time again, has provided us perfect solutions for our programming needs. They are easy to work with, flexible, and know how to get the job done. Working with them is just like having an in-house programmer, except more affordable. They have proven themselves again and again.

    Patrick Bennett
    Modern Blue
    [ US ]

  • Finally, an outsourcing company that does what it says it will do. Hemang and his team have done several projects for me, and each one has exceeded my expectations. Hemang not only takes my ideas and turns them into reality, but he offers valuable ideas and opinions that I, as a non programmer, could never have thought of. Thank you for all your superb work, and the business it has helped ME generate."

    Eddie Yakubovich
    [ US ]

  • I got to know BCOD and its CEO Mr Hemang Dany about a year ago.  During all this time, I had many telephone and skype conversations with some of his highly talented programmers and staff.  All the money spend on BCOD has translated into profitable investment.   But the economical benefit is not everyhing in life.  I also consider the high ethics and human values of its members.   Since GOIHATA started this healty relationship with BCOD, We feel happier, and our software needs are satisfied.  

    Jon Goikolea
    [ Spain ]

  • I've dealt with other web designers the years but BCOD service stands head and shoulders above the rest. They have provided me with a highly efficient, professional and accurate service with none of the hassle I've experienced from prevoius web designers in the past. I've always found BCOD more than happy to offer advice and go that extra mile to provide a superior service. They're also very approachable and honest with no nasty surprises when it comes to the price. The result is a highly professional web site worth every penny and highly recommended.

    Dilip Thobani
    [ UK ]